Recruitment and Training Unit

The mission of the Chatham County Sheriff's Office Recruitment and Training Unit is to provide quality up-to-date basic and specialized training in a cost effective manner that enables law enforcement officers and agencies in the state to enhance their professionalism. We will strive to support and enhance training services by creating and maintaining consistent adherence to a shared set of values, which provide a foundation for a highly coordinated work effort. The training unit will maintain maximum productivity and excellence in every area of its operations through the on-going training and support of its staff which is recognized as its most valuable resource.


Join Our Team

Salaries start at $38,000 (corrections officer), $45,000 (certified law enforcement officer)
Eligible for 1% increase for each year of credible law enforcement / corrections experience (not to exceed 10%)


Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Physical Ability Test

The physical ability test is a requirement to be eligible to go to the Georgia Police Academy. It is not required to be eligible for employment with the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office.


Duties of the Sheriff's Office

  • Maintain safety and security of County Courthouse
    • Comprehensive plan for security of courthouse and annex
    • Responsible for basic activities of the Superior Court and Probate Court upon request
  • Service of Summons and Subpoenas
  • Service of other Civil Process Papers
    • Civil Process: Method in which non-criminal cases are initiated, carried out and finalized
  • Service and Execution of Warrants
    • Statewide Jurisdiction




Correction Duties

  • Official Jailer (Keeper) of the County
  • Build, maintain and operate county jails
  • Maintain and protect physical facilities of the jail
  • Responsible for the health, safety and welfare of prisoners
  • Provide prisoners with food, clothing, exercise, recreation and medical services
  • Responsible for supervising and protecting the constitutional rights of their prisoners
  • Appoints jailers who swear to treat prisoners humanely nor allow them to escape Jail Management




Enforcement Duties

  • Execute and return processes and orders of the court
  • Attend all sessions of Superior Court
  • Attend election sites
  • Publish sales, citations and other proceedings as required by law
  • Maintain an execution docket
  • Maintain record of all sales made by process of court
  • Receive from preceding sheriff all unexecuted writs and processes
  • Perform such duties imposed by law
  • Exercise same duties, powers and arrest authority within the municipalities
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive plan for the security of the courthouse and any annex

New Recruit Information

For more information, please call the recruitment office at 912-652-7795 or email us at

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