What is the Sheriff’s Reserve?
The Chatham County Sheriff’s Reserve is a division of the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office comprised of state certified law enforcement and correctional officers. Each member volunteers his/her time to assist the Sheriff’s Office in all aspects of law enforcement. Based on their individual qualifications, Reserve members can work in street operations, K-9, court services, detention center, road checks and special events such as the St. Patrick day parade.

Why Become a Member of the Reserve?

  • maintain PBLE and PBJA certification
  • proud to be a member of a law enforcement team
  • give back to your community

What is Expected of a Reserve Member?
Similar to a military reserve unit, all reserve members will be expected to volunteer at least 10 hours a month to the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office. All supervisors are required to volunteer a minimum of 12 hours a month.

How do I Join?
Contact  Recruitment & Training at 912-652-7795 and request an application to join the Chatham County Sheriff’s Reserve.

Our Reserve members must meet the same employment standards that our regular officers must meet.

The Chatham County Sheriff’s Office is an equal opportunity employer.

After your completed application is received, it will be reviewed by the Reserve Commander and submitted to the Sheriff.