Meet the Executive Command Staff

Chief Deputy Gary Taylor

Chief Deputy Gary Taylor brings extensive experience in law enforcement at multiple levels. As a certified instructor, consultant, and leader, he places great value on dedication, service, and excellence. Drawing from his background as a patrol officer, homicide investigator, and training officer, he offers unique perspectives that enable individuals to realize their potential, build upon their strengths, and collaborate effectively as a team.

Having grown up in Savannah, Georgia as the child of a police officer, Chief Deputy Taylor learned the significance of law enforcement at a young age. His unwavering commitment, hard work, and drive to modernize police training and culture resulted in multiple certifications, appointments, and promotions, culminating in a distinguished career in both active policing and command positions at the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office. He has garnered acclaim for his outstanding achievements and exceptional leadership, having directed a variety of command areas such as Classification, Medical, Mental Health, Policies & Procedures, Detention Recidivism Programs, Recruitment/Training, Enforcement Bureau, Court Services, and Street Operations. As Chief Deputy, he currently supervises all operations in support of Sheriff John T. Wilcher.

Chief Deputy Taylor embraces the belief that excellence is a journey rather than a destination. He remains steadfast in his pursuit of merit, infused with positive leadership and service, inspiring him to teach, develop, motivate and mentor those under his guidance as they progress in their careers. His unwavering loyalty and dedication are the foundation of his commitment to disseminating these principles and empowering others to achieve greater success.

Commander Todd Freesemann

The Chatham County Detention Center’s secure and efficient functioning is under the responsibility of Commander Todd Freesemann, who oversees a range of operations including transportation, receiving and discharge, secure housing, programs, medical and mental health, administrative duties, training and facilities. With over three decades of public service, Commander Freesemann has an outstanding record of accomplishment, including his recent certification as a correctional health professional. Notably, he played a pivotal role in securing a unique distinction for the Chatham County Detention Center as the first correctional facility in the nation to receive both medical and mental health certification from the National Commission on Correctional Health Care.

Major Terry Boyles

Having started his law enforcement career in 1990, Terry Boyles is a Savannah native who has worked at the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office for many years. Throughout his tenure, Boyles has carried out a wide range of duties at the detention center, from operating the cash office, booking, and securing property to managing records, units, warehouse, kitchen, and laundry, among others. Currently, he holds the position of Major of Operations.

Major Lamiles Hill

In 2004, LaMiles Hill commenced his law enforcement career at the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office as a correctional officer. Over time, he progressed through various roles, including Deputy, Corporal, Security Sergeant, unit manager, and Security Captain. Currently, he holds the position of Major of Security

Major Torrey Mackey

Major Torrey Mackey began his law enforcement career in 1992. Mackey has served as a Criminal Investigator in the Chatham County District Attorney’s Office and as a Criminal Investigator with the Georgia Public Defenders Office. He has also worked in the Corrections and Enforcement Bureau during his career with the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office. Major Mackey has worked in both bureaus as a Deputy and a Major, and he currently serves as one of the Majors of Operations.

Major Mackey holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Strayer University and a Master of Science degree in Public Safety Administration from Columbus State University. Additionally, he is an ordained minister.

Major Lawrence Wright

In 1984, Lawrence Wright began his career as a Corrections Officer and eventually advanced to the Corrections and Enforcement Bureau. Currently serving as Major of Enforcement, Wright’s calm demeanor and dedication to the organization provide a solid foundation of leadership. With his experience and wisdom, Major Wright is a valuable asset to the CCSO Command Staff.

Meet the Captains

Captain Warren Blanton

Warren Blanton began his law enforcement career at the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office in 1998, initially serving as a corrections officer. In 2000, he transitioned to a peace officer and has since held various positions, including Deputy in the Court Services Division, Street Operations Division, and Sex Offender Registration & Tracking Unit, as well as Corporal, Sergeant, Assistant Director of I.A., Assistant Director of Training, Lieutenant, Watch Commander, and Unit 2 Manager. Currently, he serves as the Captain of Unit 5 Operations.

Captain Richard Brome

Richard Brome hails from Brooklyn, New York and joined the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office in 2007. He started his career as a correctional officer and progressed to Certified Deputy. Eventually, he was promoted to the position of Captain of Receiving and Discharge, and now he serves as the Captain of the Program dorm and Housing Units 8 and 9.

Captain Ronald Cason

Having served in the military for 22 years, Ronald Cason started his career with the United States Marine Corps in 1993. In 2001, he transitioned to the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office, where he has held multiple positions over the years. Presently, Cason holds the rank of Captain of Street Operations.

During his time at the Sheriff’s Office, Ronald Cason has taken on a diverse range of roles and responsibilities. These have included serving as a Deputy Corrections Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Supervisor of the Juvenile Court, Supervisor of Receiving and Discharge, Supervisor of Transport as a Sergeant, Lieutenant in multiple housing units (i.e., two, three, six, and seven), Lieutenant Watch Commander, Lieutenant at the Chatham County Judicial Courthouse, and Lieutenant at the Juvenile Courthouse.

Captain Michael Holmes

Born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, Michael Holmes Jr. earned his bachelor’s degree in computer information systems from Savannah State University. He later pursued a master’s degree in computer science, specializing in Computer Forensics, from Strayer University. In 2003, Holmes joined the Chatham County Sheriffs’ Office where he has held various positions such as working in criminal history/fingerprints and as a supervisor in the IT department. Currently, he serves as the Captain of the CCSO Reserve Unit.

Captain Bobby Irvin

Bobby Irvin, a native of Alabama, served in the U.S. Army from 1999 to 2004 before joining the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office in 2006. Throughout his career, Irvin has held multiple roles, such as Correctional Officer, Certified Deputy, Internal Affairs Investigator, Internal Affairs Corporal, C.I.D./Intel Sergeant, Administrative Lieutenant, Internal Affairs, and C.I.D. Lieutenant. Since 2018, Irvin has been serving as a Captain and holds certifications as a General Instructor, Firearms Instructor, and D.V.S.A. Examiner.

Captain Ayanna Jones

After earning a degree in Criminal Justice with a specialization in Homeland Security from St. Leo University, Ayanna Jones began her career at the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office in 1997. Throughout her years of service, she has assumed different roles such as Correctional Officer, STAR Deputy, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Watch Commander, and Unit Manager. Presently, Jones holds the position of Captain of Court Services and Juvenile Courts.

Captain Gary Murphy

In 1986, Gary Murphy began his law enforcement career with the U.S. Army and continued serving until his retirement from the Georgia Air National Guard in 2006. He joined the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office in 1995 as a Correctional Officer and held various positions such as Deputy Sheriff, Court Security Deputy, Street Operations Deputy, Field Training Officer, Training Officer, Range Master, and Recruitment and Training Lieutenant. Currently, Murphy is the Assistant S.W.A.T. Commander and the Captain of the Professional Standards Division, which encompasses the Professional Development Unit.

Advanced Certifications

  • Senior Deputy Certification
  • Senior Training Instructor

Captain Nicole Scott-Bond

Nicole Scott-Bond is a native of Savannah, Georgia, and a graduate of Alfred Ely Beach High School and Fort Valley State University. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education from Armstrong Atlantic State University in 1998 and later earned a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Public Administration from Strayer University.

Bond began her law enforcement career at the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office in 2002 and currently serves as Captain in charge of the medical division. With over 20 years of continuous law enforcement experience, her expertise includes corrections, street enforcement, court services, and special investigations.

In addition to her duties at the Sheriff’s Office, Captain Scott-Bond serves as the coordinator of the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office Internship Program. She is also a proud member of the Alfred Ely Beach Hall of Fame.

Captain Lynn Webber

Lynn Webber began her law enforcement career in 1980 at a farm center and a maximum-security prison in Virginia. Her journey eventually led her to the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office, where she started working as an officer on the floor at the downtown jail. Currently, she serves as a Captain of Receiving and Discharge.

Captain Felicia Williams

Captain Felicia Williams joined the Chatham County Sheriff's Office (CCSO) in 1994 as a civilian cashier, seeking a career. Her initial role quickly evolved into a fulfilling career that has spanned over three decades. She transitioned to a uniformed corrections officer in 1997, progressing through various assignments including Transport, Court Docket, Security Operations Sergeant, Assistant Unit Manager, Booking Supervisor, and Watch Commander. Currently, she serves as the Captain of Housing Unit 5 and Programs, and is an active member of the Interview Team.

Her career at CCSO has been enriched by working with a diverse team of individuals whose combined educational and experiential backgrounds significantly enhance operational effectiveness. This collaborative environment has been essential to her success, as evidenced by the honors she has received, including the Medal of Honor for bravery in preventing a felon's escape and the Certificate of Merit for a life-saving intervention. A native of Columbus, GA, and a devoted Wonder Woman fan, Captain Williams's personal and professional experiences continue to drive her commitment to community safety and departmental excellence.