Enforcement Bureau

Mission Statement:
To provide the most professional services to the citizens of Chatham County by hiring only the most qualified staff and providing them with the most up to date training available.

The Enforcement Bureau is comprised of three divisions, Street Operations, Court Services and the Administrative division.

Street Operations / Court Services

  • Public building security
  • Courtroom Security
  • Extraditions
  • Arrest orders
  • Summonses
  • Execution of Protection Orders
  • Monitoring Sex Offenders
  • Fi Fa’s / Levy’s

The Street Operations division handles approximately 7000 warrants and 60, 000 civil processes each year.

The Court Services division processes over 12,000 inmates through the courts each year and screens over 700,000 visitors through the security checkpoint at the Judicial Complex and Juvenile Court each year.



  • Departmental budgeting
  • Quartermaster functions
    (uniforms, vehicles, radios, weapons and storage of evidence)
  • K-9 Unit
  • Range
  • Telecommunications

The Administrative division manages the Grant that operates the Regional K-9 training facility and the eight handlers/instructors associated with this grant.  The Training Facility has qualified K-9 teams from 101 different federal, state and local agencies throughout the southeast. 

It also operates one of the largest firearms facilities in the southeast United States and provides firearms training to most of the local and federal law enforcement agencies in this area as well as to the local police academy.