Security Division

The Sheriff's Complex houses a maximum capacity of 1650 inmates, held in nine connecting housing units, plus the Receiving and Discharge/Transport unit. The Corrections Bureau presently employs 400 personnel.

Maintaining a secure facility of this magnitude is the responsibility of every employee of this Department as well as any person allowed entry into the secured area. Security and Operations must work together in all aspects in order to maintain a secure and safe facility.

The Sheriff's Office maintains the best possible security through surveillance, officer presence, security equipment and insisting that all personnel adhere to the guidelines developed by this Administration through Policy and Procedures, Post Orders and the department's S.O.P.


Recruitment and Training

The Recruitment and Training Unit works diligently to assure that we recruit hire and maintain the best possible officer candidates. The Captain, Director of Training, works with the local State P.O.S.T. Academy in all aspects of training.

The Sheriff's Office trains its officers and civilians when employed and on-going while also offering training at this facility for personnel from numerous other counties throughout the State.

The Director of Training assures that all officers, civilian staff and volunteers receive and maintain the training hours required by P.O.S.T. and the American Correctional Association.


Administrative Issues

Issues concerning the Corrections Bureau i.e.: Unemployment claims, EEOC complaints, Workers Compensation issues, Military Leave, Sick Leave issues etc. are handled by the administration.